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Going Where God leads

Foursquare Missions International (FMI) partners with the global Foursquare family to make disciples of all nations. We are a missional force compelled by the love of Jesus for the whole world. That love changed our lives, and we want every person in the world to experience it, too.

We bring
god's love

In Foursquare Missions International, we believe that God’s love is for everyone. To bring His love to every person—man, woman or child—worldwide, we can’t do it alone. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit to go, and we partner with U.S. churches and globally-minded Christ followers. Together, we are bringing His love to the unreached corners of the earth.

We Partner

We recognize we all have a part in God’s mission, whether that takes you to a new nation or down the street in your own neighborhood. Since our first Foursquare missionaries were sent in 1927, we have been sending workers for the harvest. And while we began in Los Angeles, we team up globally with over 100,000 churches worldwide to share and show the gospel.

We Do
Daring Things

With FMI, we don’t settle for what is. We dare to dream, and look for new things God is working. We keep our focus on the unreached, those who have never heard of Jesus. To connect across cultures, we train and send four-stage workers. We also raise up diverse leaders globally to start churches and indigenous movements that make disciples in every nation and language.


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